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PhD Scholarships

The Signature Area Board Effectiveness invites talented students to apply for a PhD Scholarship at the Faculty of Economics and Business.

How can boards achieve sustainable organizational performance?
Sustainable organizational performance is crucially important for organizations and the future of society as a whole. The drivers of sustainable performance are largely found in the decisions that top managers make. Top Management Teams, or boards, need to ensure that their business strategies serve the interests of all relevant stakeholders involved (e.g., shareholders, customers and employees), do not cause environmental or societal harm, and that they guarantee organizational longevity.

To get a better understanding of when and how top managers achieve these, sometimes competing goals, this signature area examines research questions like:

  1. What are the crucial dynamics operating between those residing at the top of an organization that stimulate sustainable organizational decision making?
  2. How should internal supervisory boards and external market regulators position themselves in order to increase their influence on top management decisions?
  3. How effective are rules and codes of conducts in improving the quality of top management decisions?
  4. Is there a link between the levels of diversity and mobility within top management teams and boards and sustainable organizational performance?
  5. Do environmental changes, like a merger or a crisis, impact on top management decisions and, consequently, enduring organizational performance?
  6. What are the effects of the finance climate (e.g. effects of pollution) on top management’s financial decision making?
  7. Which institutional and company-level factors determine stakeholder representation on boards?
  8. How should boards be structured so that stakeholder representatives can significantly contribute to firms’ sustainable performance?

PhD candidates who are interested in examining one of these questions for their PhD research will be supervised by members of the signature areas, including, for example, Prof. Dr. Jana Oehmichen, Dr. Swarnodeep Homroy, Dr. Dennis Veltrop, Prof. Dr. Floor Rink, Prof. Dr. Harry Garretsen and/or Prof. Dr. Janka Stoker.

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