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Current research projects

  1. Thijs Broekhuizen participates in a multi-party consortium called "Data Tales Consortium," which is led by the Hogeschool van Utrecht. This consortium analyzes big customer data to reconstruct and improve the digital customer journey. In February 2018, the consortium has won an SiA grant (worth 20K) to further develop analytic tools to manage big data. The research project is called: VERBIND ('connect') and aims to retrieve customer motivations via text analysis, while combining these data with internal process data to optimize the balance between customer satisfaction and organizational efficiency. For more information on the project, click here.
  2. Peter Verhoef, John Dong and Thijs Broekhuizen are developing tools to analyze the digital readiness of firms. With the help of a PhD, they will analyze which companies are most fit to transform digitally, how they manage digital transformation, and what the performance implications are of these digital changes.

Last modified:29 March 2018 1.46 p.m.