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What effect, if any, does female representation have on board performance? Previous research says none. Our research says otherwise. Read the FEBlog by Swarnodeep Homroy and Colin P. Green (Lancaster University).

Conducting research at the interface of governance and behaviour; this is what drives Dennis Veltrop. He specializes in the combination of social psychological research and economic issues. How does diversity affect the way an organization performs? How do people at the top of an organization treat each other? Who has the most influence? Which factors determine the effectiveness of a supervisory board? What is the effect of an external regulator, such as De Nederlandsche Bank?

A board of directors, the organ that supervises the senior management of an organization, typically includes a mix of financial experts and experts whose main knowledge is of the sector. The status and influence of the two groups differs greatly. In practice, the financial experts run the show, conclude Board Effectiveness researchers Dennis Veltrop, Eric Molleman, Reggy Hooghiemstra and Hans van Ees.

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