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Research ESRIG - Energy and Sustainability Research Institute Groningen Science and Society Group (SSG) Research and projects

Research and projects

Ongoing projects:

    ‘Local Energy Communities: Responsible Innovation Towards Sustainable Energy’. The main objective of this project is to align social and technical innovation through investigating the innovative potential of local energy initiatives in terms of technology, social embeddedness and normativity as well as researching the innovative potential of emerging sustainable energy technologies, including their social and normative dimensions. [link to project website]

    ‘Addressing Social Challenges of Biotechnology in Africa. Towards balanced Innovation’ aims to contribute to African’s capacity to deal with rise of biotechnology. It especially aims to contribute to small holder’s perspective > more information.

  • Responsible innovation in Dutch potato breeding
    This research project aims to guide the transition of potato-breeding in a societally responsible way by involving relevant stakeholders form the sector, civil society, governmental and knowledge institutions in a dialogue focusing on various options for valorization. The main research question is: how to create optimal conditions for a responsible development of hybrid potato breeding in way that benefit the productivity, sustainability and diversity of the current potato production system > more information.

  • Neighborhood Heat (Buurtwarmte)
    This project explores social, economic and technical questions related to district heating. By taking the user’s perspective as a starting point, the support for this type of sustainable district heating may be increased. The aim of the project is to gain insight into the processes that determine the design and execution of a heat network, the relationship between them and the possibilities for greater involvement of residents and energy cooperatives.

Previous projects:

  • Edulink-FSBA: Food Security and Biotechnology in Africa: An international capacity building project for the development of a master level curriculum for African universities on scientific, societal and technical aspects of biotechnology in Africa. In collaboration with university partners from Kenya, Burkina Faso and Nigeria....more information.


  • Science, Technology, Innovation Network Groningen for Sustainability” (STINGS): SSG participates in the working group ‘Science, Technology, Innovation Network Groningen for Sustainability” (STINGS), which focuses on research and capacity building projects in the fields of food security, and sustainability in developing countries. The working group has many international contacts in Africa, Indonesia, China, Europe, and the United States. Within STINGS several SSG projects have been realized in the area of biotechnology and society, conservation and society, and innovation and society....more information.

Development cooperation:

  • Development cooperation for higher education in ecology and environmental sciences: SSG is involved in inter-university cooperation for higher education in ecology and environmental sciences. Many projects in different African countries have been carried out since the early 1980s, notably with the Université de Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, the Université d’Abomey-Calavi in Benin and the Université de Bamako in Mali....more information.

PhD projects:

  • PhD student: Esther de Wit
    Title: Research collaboration between universities and industry.....Summary PhD project.

  • PhD student: Hanaa Hassan Abdou
    Title: An Ethno-Ecophysiological Study of Bedouins' Indigenous Knowledge of Endangered Plants in Wadi Allaqi, Upper Egypt.

  • PhD student: Esther van der Waal
    Title: Community Innovation for Sustainable Energy. Aligning technological and societal innovations....Summary PhD project.

Previous PhD projects:

  • PhD student: Franke van der Molen
    Title: Knowledge sharing and management approaches in coastal areas: the case of the Wadden Sea....Summary PhD project.

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