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In addition to your SBP year, you will follow a regular 60 ECTS master’s year, containing at least one scientific research project. Thus, the total master’s degree programme will take two years (120 ECTS).

Most students do their SBP year after they have finished their regular master’s year. However, you are allowed to take the two 10 ECTS courses of the SBP variant even during your first master’s year, which may be useful in case you’re planning to conduct your internship abroad or if you’re unsure in which direction you’d like to specialise. The subsequent SBP internship (40 ECTS), however, may only be conducted during your second master’s year, because it has an entry requirement: you’ll need to have successfully completed your scientific master’s research.


In order for you to be eligible for the internship, the Acquisitions Tools & Career Management (ACTM) course is compulsory. During this course, you work out what you have to offer to society, consider in what direction you’d like to develop your career, learn how to apply for a job and how to write a CV everything you need to find a suitable internship. The next ATCM-course starts in the Spring. Enrolment for this course is still possible via Progress (SBP: Acq. Tools & Career Man. 14-14. sem.2 code: WNBIBEBA11). In case of enrolment by too many students, a second course will be organised in May.

In addition to ATCM, you must have completed both modules of the Science and Business and the Science and Policy courses before you can begin the internship.


Science, Business & Policy is accessible to most students from FSE.

This is subject to the following limitations:

  • Students in Industrial Engineering and Management can do the Science and Business and Science and Policy modules.

  • Students in the Applied Sciences cannot do the SBP variant.

  • Students in AI and Computing Sciences cannot do the SBP variant.

  • Students from a research master’s or top master’s cannot do the SBP master track in their two-year master's program.

  • Students who follow the Pharmacy master’s cannot do the SBP internship. However, they can do the first two modules, Science and Business, and Science and Policy. Pharmaceutical Sciences students do have access to the SBP program.

For practically all FSE students, it is also possible to do the SBP track extracurricular. Ask your study advisor for the details within your own specialisation! If you want to know whether SBP is the right choice for you, please contact us (see Contact) .

Starting dates

The introduction to the Science, Business & Policy programme starts annually in September. The course, Acquisition Tools & Career Management, is given twice a year, in March and September. If necessary, there will be an extra ATCM course in May.

Enrol on April 1!

You can enrol via Progress . Enrolment is possible from April 1 onward.
Until 14 April, second-year master's students planning to follow the full SBP variant (courses plus internship) will have priority over students planning only to take the courses; after this date, the order of registration will determine the priority. Anyone who registers before 14 April will know around 20 April whether he/she will be admitted to SBP.

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