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The Science, Business & Policy programme lasts exactly one year and consists of the following components.

Modules: ECTS
Acquisition Tools & Career Management 0*
Science & Business, theory and project 10
Science & Policy, theory and project 10
Internship 40
Total ECTS 60

*Compulsory module for access to Internship module

Acquisition Tools & Career Management

This section consists of a series of workshops that will give you tools to arrange an internship. During this course, you work out what you have to offer to society, consider in what direction you’d like to develop your career, learn how to apply for a job and how to write a CV everything you need to find a suitable internship. The next ATCM-course starts in the Spring. Enrolment for this course is still possible via Progress (SBP: Acq. Tools & Career Man. 14-14. sem.2 code: WNBIBEBA11). In case of enrolment by too many students, a second course will be organised in May.

Introduction Science, Business & Policy

This introduction programme consists of two modules, each worth 10 ECTS:

  • Science & Business, theory and project
  • Science & Policy, theory and project

Together, these courses constitute an intensive introduction course in which you learn about economics, business, management and policy design. You will develop management skills to solve business cases and to design and implement innovative policies. The projects are real-life problems and are delivered by the staff. In the business module, a business company will give you a business problem to solve, while in the policy module, you will be given a societal subject which you have to explore. You will work in teams while doing assignments, and you will be extensively trained in planning, group work and writing a report.

For a schedule of these courses, please refer to the Faculty Roster:

Internship Science, Business & Policy (40 ECTS, 6 months)

During the internship, you will play the role of scientific advisor; you will examine how scientific knowledge can best be used in a business or policy setting. You will learn to use consulting skills, to know and recognise organisational cultures and to undertake a business or policy analysis. At the end of the internship, you will have valuable work experience in a multidisciplinary environment. Internships abroad will usually take you more time and effort to organise, but they are certainly encouraged!

One-year scheme

In addition to your SBP year, you will follow a regular 60 ECTS master’s year, containing at least one scientific research project. Thus, the total master’s degree programme will take two years (120 ECTS). Most students do the SBP track in the second year of their master’s. The scheme is as follows:

One-year scheme
One-year scheme
Two-year scheme

A two-year programme is also possible (see diagram below).

You are allowed to take the two 10 ECTS courses of the SBP variant even during your first master’s year, which may be useful in case you’re planning to conduct your internship abroad or if you’re unsure in which direction you’d like to specialise. The subsequent SBP internship (40 ECTS), however, may only be conducted during your second master’s year, because it has an entry requirement: you’ll need to have successfully completed your scientific master’s research.

Two-year scheme
Two-year scheme
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