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ReMA Curriculum

OIKOS Curriculum for Research Master Students

OIKOS is the National Research School in Classical Studies in the Netherlands. It is a collaborative institution of seven universities. OIKOS organizes courses for ReMA students in the area of Graeco-Roman and Near Eastern Antiquity and its reception. It stimulates and coordinates research efforts in the same area, and promotes the formation of an international network of researchers. In this section you will find more information and an overview of the activities of this year.


All research master students (ReMa students) are required to enrol in one of the Dutch research schools (‘onderzoeksscholen’). OIKOS welcomes all students enrolled at one of the universities participating in OIKOS and whose primary interest lies with the Graeco-Roman or Near Eastern Antiquity and its reception. Students eligible for full membership can register with OIKOS if their supervisors agree on their choice for this research school. Membership of OIKOS is free for students; their fees are paid directly to OIKOS by their own universities. All members of OIKOS are required to join at least one of the eight OIKOS research groups; please indicate your preference for one or two groups when applying.

Read more about the requirements and the application form.

Research Master Students participation in OIKOS

Research Master students may participate in two kinds of OIKOS activities: the courses organized within the OIKOS ReMa curriculum, and the meetings of the OIKOS research group(s) of their choice. The OIKOS ReMa curriculum comprises approximately ten courses per year, ranging from master classes to seminars on theory and method. Research group meetings may take the form of seminars or conferences. Many of these activities are also open to PhD students.

Costs and applications

All OIKOS ReMa students are encouraged to participate in curriculum courses for at least 10 EC credits (= 10 x 28 hours) in the course of their studies. For most courses, students are placed on a first-come-first-serve basis, but for paper-presentation days, the quality of the abstract is leading. Participation in courses taking place within the Netherlands is free of charge (except for travel expenses); for those taking place abroad a financial contribution may be required. When a student decides to cancel his participation on short notice, he/she may be asked to refund part of the costs.

OIKOS Credits

The OIKOS credits can be used as part of the research master curriculum. Students should ask the research master coordinator or examination board of their institute (the procedure differs between universities) to validate the OIKOS credits. The OIKOS certificates may serve as a proof of their participation. However, the final responsibility of awarding the EC lies with the examination board of the student’s university. It may ask the students to complete an additional assignment relating to the OIKOS course. Students are therefore strongly advised to ask their supervisor how the OIKOS credits will be validated before they take part in an OIKOS activity.

Research groups

In addition to the OIKOS curriculum, the OIKOS research groups organize activities in which senior researchers, PhD students, and ReMA students participate. Although attendance of research group meetings is not rewarded by ECs, such activities are regarded as an important aspect of the student’s training. Students are therefore strongly encouraged to actively participate in their research groups.

For any questions please contact the OIKOS coordinators.

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