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Call for Proposals: Data Science Projects 2018 plus matching by Centre for Digital Humanities

Pre-proposal Dealine: 30 June 2018
24 mei 2018

The Research and Innovation Support (RIS) department of the CIT invites researchers to submit proposals for innovative and cutting edge data science projects. Researchers can apply for the support from one or more data scientists (from inside and outside the university) appointed by RIS for a maximum of 450 hours. While being employed by the CIT, the data scientist(s) may work at the researcher's location in order to facilitate collaboration. The duration of a project is max. 2 years. A small bench fee (max €3000) is available for items like databases, licenses, and hardware.


The timeline is as follows:

  • Deadline submission of the pre-proposals: 30 June
  • Feedback to the applicants: early August
  • Final proposals: 15 September
  • Final selection: 1 October
  • Start of the projects: 15 November 2018


Proposals that can bring in matching in cash have an advantage. This is why the Centre for Digital Humanities likes to offer matching up until a maximum of 10.000 euros per project (with a maximum of 40.000 euro in total; if more than four DH projects are granted the matching will thus decrease proportionally).


In addition, to prepare research proposal the Centre for Digital Humanities organizes a workshop on June 14 from 09:00-12:00 in which researchers and data scientists offer an overview of ongoing research in this area, and in which you will have to opportunity to discuss your ideas or ask for assistance in preparing a proposal. A data scientist from CIT/RIS will be present during this workshop. For more info or for registration: e-mail

Also don't forget to check out our weekly, free and in-house consultancies, with a diverse team of data scientists. Each week, a data scientist will be available during either Tuesday morning or Thursday morning for advice and some limited supporting activities. Check the schedule for the office hours, and see who of the data-scientists is available.

Further information and application form

For more info on the Call, see the CIT announcement and the complete Call for Proposals .

Proposals need to be submitted by filling out the template available on the CIT website.

Y ou can reach the CIT Data Science team by sending an email to or .

For more information on matching contact the Centre for Digital Humanities: .

Proposal forms can be submitted to

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