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Digital Hands ON - SUZETTE VAN HAAREN (University of Groningen): "Handling the digital medieval manuscript"

When:Th 12-05-2022 16:00 - 17:00
Digital Hands ON programme poster with all four events

Digital Hands ON: the new webinar series of the Groningen Centre for Digital Humanities highlighting new tools and methods.

Historical texts are crucial across Humanities fields, and a variety of digital methods both enhance and expand our possibilities for studying, exploring, editing, and manipulating them. This series brings together scholars and researchers from different domains to present innovative approaches, tools, methods, and research programmes that can help putting digital hands on historical records.

In this webinar, Suzette van Haaren (University of Groningen) will discuss Handling the digital medieval manuscript

Bedford Book of Hours, British Library


With the ever-growing prominence of digitisation, medieval manuscripts are more often seen on a computer screen than in a library reading room. The material discrepancy between a medieval book made of parchment pages that are handwritten and elaborately decorated, and a digital object are evident. So, in what ways are we using the digital medieval manuscript? And how does handling the digital facsimile affect the way that we perceive and study our cultural heritage?