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About us FEB Research / FEB

Research at FEB

The faculty’s research policy aims at encouraging fundamental scientific research of a high international standard and providing the training and research environment for research master and PhD students. In addition, the faculty stimulates related applied research.

SOM Research Institutes and Graduate School

Fundamental scientific research is concentrated in SOM, the coordinating research institute with six programmes. SOM is also the Graduate School and offers a PhD programme and a Research Master programme in Economics & Business. The honours bachelor programme in Economics &  Business is part of the graduate school as well.

It combines and stimulates disciplinary and interdisciplinary research meeting international standards. And it provides the training and research environment for research master and PhD students. Approximately 150 research fellows and 150 PhD students belong to SOM.

The mission of SOM is to stimulate monodisciplinary and interdisciplinary research related to the firm in its economic environment and to provide a PhD and Research Master programme with a high international standard.

Contract research and centres

For the commissioning of contract research, the faculty has established  a number of Centres of Expertise. These centres typically serve as an intermediary between companies and organisations on the one hand and FEB’s researchers on the other. A centre of expertise consists of a group of researchers in a particular scientific discipline. The purpose of a centre of expertise is to distribute scientific knowledge to stakeholders outside the academic community and to organize partnerships with these stakeholders.

FEB Career Services coordinates trainee posts. It provides intermediation between companies/institutions and students.

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