Vrouwen voorwaarts: De strijd voor vrouwenkiesrecht in Nederland en de koloniën, 1850-1950: Themanummer Historica over Vrouwenkiesrecht

Bosch, M. (ed.) & Fokken, M. (ed.), 30-Jul-2019, In : Historica . 42, 2

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With this 2019 special issue, Historica celebrates the centennial of universal suffrage in the Netherlands. The women’s suffrage movement received a lot of support, but was likewise faced with significant opposition from various political perspectives. Yet, in existing historiography, the Dutch women’s suffrage movement is frequently neglected. In fact, organising the centennial in 2019 rather than 2017 (when women received passive suffrage) ended up being a struggle.
This special issue of Historica examines the suffrage movement from various perspectives. How does women suffrage fit ideas regarding ‘organic suffrage’ (suffrage for the pater familias) and ‘individual suffrage’? Why did the socialists fight women’s suffrage even though they did put women’s suffrage on their political agenda? What was the correlation between Aletta Jacobs’ attempt at having herself registered as a voter in 1883 and the constitutional reform of 1887? After women received the passive right to vote in 1917, how quickly did political parties supporting this view, change their perspective towards trying to attract female voters?
What’s more, this special issue takes a closer look at the Dutch colonies where the suffrage movement continued its work after 1919. Apart from looking at the suffrage movement from a political perspective, Historica likewise considers the suffrage movement as a modern mass movement that received support from all parts of the country. Who were these women who, even from the most remote areas of the Netherlands, mobilised in support of women’s suffrage movement?
Original languageDutch
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 30-Jul-2019

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