Verrucomicrobia subdivision 1 strains display a difference in the colonization of the leek (Allium porrum) rhizosphere

da Rocha, U. N., van Elsas, J. D. & van Overbeek, L. S., Nov-2011, In : FEMS microbiology ecology. 78, 2, p. 297-305 9 p.

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Strains CHC12 and CHC8, belonging to, respectively, Luteolibacter and Candidatus genus Rhizospheria (Verrucomicrobia subdivision 1), were recently isolated from the leek rhizosphere. The key question addressed in this study was: does attraction to and colonization of the rhizosphere occur in the same way for both strains? Therefore, the fate of the two strains was studied near in vitro-grown leek roots and in soil zones proximate to and at a further distance from roots in a model plant-soil microcosm set-up. Quantitative PCR detection with specific primers was used, as the cultivation of these bacteria from soil is extremely fastidious. The data indicated that natural populations of Luteolibacter (akin to strain CHC12) had lower numbers in the rhizosphere than in the corresponding bulk soil. On the other hand, the populations of Candidatus genus Rhizospheria, i.e. strain CHC8, showed higher numbers in the rhizosphere than in the bulk soil. Increased strain CHC8 cell-equivalent numbers in the rhizosphere were not only the result of in situ cell multiplication, but also of the migration of cells towards the roots. Luteolibacter and Candidatus genus Rhizospheria cells displayed differences in attraction to the rhizosphere and colonization thereof, irrespective of the fact that both belonged to Verrucomicrobia subdivision 1.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)297-305
Number of pages9
JournalFEMS microbiology ecology
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Nov-2011


  • Allium porrum, Candidatus genus Rhizospheria, Luteolibacter, plant-soil microcosm, rhizosphere, Verrucomicrobia subdivision 1, BACTERIAL DIVERSITY, PSEUDOMONAS-FLUORESCENS, MICROBIAL COMMUNITIES, ROOT COLONIZATION, SOIL, DETERMINANTS, SURVIVAL, DIVISION, IMPACT, MAIZE

ID: 2116140