Trifunctional coating

Dirks, A. J., Wijdeven, M. A., Keul, H. A., Sjollema, J., Busscher, H. J. & van der Mei, H. C., 15-Sep-2016, Patent No. WO2016144169, Priority date 9-Mar-2015

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The invention is directed to a coating, and to an article comprising said coating and to a method of forming a coating. More in particular, the invention relates to a coating that relates to an antifouling, cell-binding and antimicrobial coating. The coating of the invention comprises a) an inner coating layer formed from an inner coating composition, the inner coating composition comprising, i) an inner polymerisable compound comprising a polymerisable group, ii) an antimicrobial agent, and iii) an initiator, and b) an outer coating layer formed from an outer coating composition, the outer coating composition comprising i) inorganic particles with a polymerisable group and a hydrophilic polymer chain attached to one or more of the inorganic particles, ii) a cell-binding moiety, iii) an initiator, and iv) optionally, an outer polymerisable compound comprising a polymerisable group.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2016144169
Priority date09/03/2015
Publication statusPublished - 15-Sep-2016

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ID: 61961675