System for providing multiple infusions to a patient

Cottin, P., Alexandre, G., Doesburg, F. & Nijsten, M. W., 3-Jan-2019, Patent No. WO201901879, Priority date 30-Jun-2017

Research output: PatentProfessional

A system for providing multiple infusions to a patient (P), the system comprises a multiplicity of infusion devices (10) for administering a multiplicity of medical fluids through an infusion line (102) of an infusion set (103) to the patient (P), and a control device (2) for controlling the multiplicity of infusion devices (10). Herein, the control device (2) comprises a multiplex module (22) configured to multiplex the multiplicity of medical fluids for a multiplexed administration of the medical fluids through said infusion line (102) of the infusion set (103), the multiplex module (22) comprising a scheduling module (222) configured to define at least two packets, each packet comprising at least one medical fluid out of the multiplicity of medical fluids, and to arrange the at least two packets in a sequence for administration of the medical fluids of the at least two packets. In this way a system for providing multiple infusions to a patient is provided which allows for an efficient, yet reliable administration of multiple infusions while at the same time reducing the risks for errors. An advantage of multiplexing is reduction of the number of lumens with associated reduction of infection risks and discomfort.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO201901879
Priority date30/06/2017
Publication statusPublished - 3-Jan-2019

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ID: 73834154