Synthesis and structure of chemically switchable fluorescent probes on the basis of amino acids

Herten, D-P., Brox, D., Haderspeck, A. & Cordes, T. M., 19-Apr-2018, Patent No. WO2018068893, Priority date 11-Oct-2016

Research output: PatentProfessional

  • Dirk-Peter Herten (Inventor)
  • Dominik Brox (Inventor)
  • Andreas Haderspeck (Inventor)
  • Thorben Marcel Cordes (Inventor)
The present invention relates to a compound, comprising at least one chelate-forming group, at least one linker and at least one fluorophore, and to methods for increasing the resolution in the field of fluorescence microscopy for multiplexing in the field of fluorescence microscopy and for the quantitative detection of metal ions by the use of said compound.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2018068893
Priority date11/10/2016
Publication statusPublished - 19-Apr-2018

ID: 61200997