Stabiliteit spontane taal bij chronische milde afasie

Wolthuis, N., Mendez Orellana, C., Nouwens, F., Jonkers, R., Visch-Brink, E. & Bastiaanse, R., 2014, In : Stem-, spraak- en taalpathologie. 19, p. 103-120 18 p.

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In aphasia, an analysis of spontaneous speech provides opportunities to establish the linguistic and communicative abilities, to create suitable therapy plans and to measure language progress. The current study investigated the stability of spontaneous speech within an interview of ten mild aphasic participants in the chronic stage. Stability is important in order to enable making justified decisions about the underlying deficit(s). Two 300 words samples of spontaneous speech gathered during interviews were transcribed and analysed according to the ‘Analyse voor Spontane Taal bij Afasie’ (ASTA; Boxum, Van der Scheer & Zwaga, 2010). A comparison of the scores on fifteen linguistic variables between the first 300 words and the second 300 words was made. Also,it was investigated whether the conversation topic and its emotional charge influenced language usage. Results showed that the scores on the linguistic variables remained stable during an interview, except for the amount of semantic paraphasias and the number of seconds of incomprehensible speech. A change in the topic of conversation did not appear to have a significant influence; however, the emotion experienced with the topic did have an effect on language usage. More lexical verbs and fewer nouns were used when a negative emotion was experienced, compared to a positive emotion. An analysis of spontaneous speech seems to give a stable and reliable profile of language production in people with mild aphasia in the chronic stage, as long as the emotional charge of the topic remains stable. Further research could explore whether this also holds for other stages of aphasia.
Translated title of the contributionStability of spontaneous speech in chronic mild aphasia
Original languageDutch
Pages (from-to)103-120
Number of pages18
JournalStem-, spraak- en taalpathologie
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • spontaneous speech aphasia

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