Spectral calibration of the fluorescence telescopes of the Pierre Auger Observatory

Aab, A., Abreu, P., Aglietta, M., Al Samarai, I., Albuquerque, I. F. M., Allekotte, I., Almela, A., Scholten, O., van den Berg, A. M., Zuccarello, F. & The Pierre Auger Collaboration, 15-Sep-2017, In : Astroparticle Physics. 95, p. 44-56

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

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  • Spectral calibration of the fluorescence telescopes

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  • A. Aab
  • P. Abreu
  • M. Aglietta
  • I. Al Samarai
  • I.F.M. Albuquerque
  • I. Allekotte
  • A. Almela
  • Olaf Scholten
  • A.M. van den Berg
  • F. Zuccarello
  • The Pierre Auger Collaboration
We present a novel method to measure precisely the relative spectralresponse of the fluorescence telescopes of the Pierre Auger Observatory.We used a portable light source based on a xenon flasher and amonochromator to measure the relative spectral efficiencies of eighttelescopes in steps of 5 nm from 280 nm to 440 nm. Each point in a scanhad approximately 2 nm FWHM out of the monochromator. Different sets oftelescopes in the observatory have different optical components, and theeight telescopes measured represent two each of the four combinations ofcomponents represented in the observatory. We made an end-to-endmeasurement of the response from different combinations of opticalcomponents, and the monochromator setup allowed for more precise andcomplete measurements than our previous multi-wavelength calibrations.We find an overall uncertainty in the calibration of the spectralresponse of most of the telescopes of 1.5% for all wavelengths; the sixoldest telescopes have larger overall uncertainties of about 2.2%. Wealso report changes in physics measurables due to the change incalibration, which are generally small.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)44-56
JournalAstroparticle Physics
Publication statusPublished - 15-Sep-2017


  • Auger observatory, Nitrogen fluorescence, Extensive air shower, Calibration

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ID: 54542790