Secretion factors for gram-positive microorganisms genes encoding them and methods of using it

Quax, W., Kerkman, R. & Broekhuizen, C. P., 25-Jun-2002, IPC No. H01L 21/ 027 A N, Patent No. US6410262, Priority date 5-Jul-1996, Priority No. WO1996NL00278

Research output: PatentProfessional

  • Wim Quax (Inventor)
  • Richard Kerkman (Inventor)
  • Cornelis P Broekhuizen (Inventor)

Heterologous protein secretion from Gram-positive bacteria, in particular from Bacilli has, with few exceptions, met with little success. Incompatibility of the heterologous proteins with the protein secretion machinery of the host is the main cause of this effect. This limiting factor for the production of heterologous proteins in commercially significant concentrations from Bacillus subtilis is removed by overexpressing the Bacillus subtilis protein FtsY or FtsY protein in combination with overexpression of other members of the bacterial signal recognition particle. Said gene(s) is(are) overexpressed in Bacillus host cells expressing a heterologous protein which then shows an increased amount of the heterologous protein secreted in the surrounding medium.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS6410262
IPCH01L 21/ 027 A N
Priority date05/07/1996
Publication statusPublished - 25-Jun-2002

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