Process for the lysis of a culture of lactic acid bacteria by means of a lysin, and uses of the resulting lysed culture

Buist, G., Venema, G., Kok, J. & Ledeboer, A. M., 23-Nov-1995, IPC No. C12R 1/ 19 A N, Patent No. WO9531561, Priority date 12-May-1994, Priority No. EP19940201353

Research output: PatentProfessional

  • Girbe Buist (Inventor)
  • Gerard Venema (Inventor)
  • Jan Kok (Inventor)
  • Aat M. Ledeboer (Inventor)

The invention provides a process for the lysis of a culture of lactic acid bacteria, or a product containing such culture e.g. cheese, by means of a lysin through the in situ production of a homologous autolysin, or a heterologous autolysin obtainable from Gram-positive bacteria esp. from lactic acid bacteria. The gene encoding said autolysin is controlled by a promoter, preferably regulated by food-grade ingredients or parameters, to achieve an enhanced lysis after induction resulting in an enhanced production of total autolysin compared with the natural production level of the homologous autolysin during fermentation or shortly thereafter. Other uses of the invention include preparing a mixture of peptides which are modified by peptidases freed after the lysis, using the autolysin as a bactericidal agent against spoiling bacteria or pathogenic bacteria for improving the shelf life of a product containing the lysed culture.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO9531561
IPCC12R 1/ 19 A N
Priority date12/05/1994
Publication statusPublished - 23-Nov-1995

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