Polypetides with permease activity

Klaassen, P., De Waal, P. P., De Jong, R. M., Driessen, A. J. M., Nijland, J. G. & Shin, H. Y., 11-Dec-2014, IPC No. C07K14/395, Patent No. WO2014195521, Priority date 11-Dec-2013

Research output: Patent

The invention relates to a polypeptide having one or more substitution corresponding to T89C/Y, V187M/Q/C/G/Y, A191 l/K/D/C/E/N/W/R/P, Y214L/P, Q215D/E/S/M/L/C/F/A, 1218W, T219V/L/R/E, I222G/Y/M/P/S/W, Y226M/T/P/Q, Q338R/I/D/E/F/G/P, M339Y/E/N, Q341V/Y/S/H, Q342N/H/R/C/F/G/I/K/L/P/S/T/W, L343Y/Q/I/C/E/K/N/P/S, N346G/I, N347S/L/K/G/TA/, Y350E/S/Q, G373R/K/L/IWY, N376K/Q/A/C/D/E/I/M/P, T380Y/G/M/A/S/D/E/I/K/L/W, S383Y/WA//C/E/I/L/Q/R, F446H/D/I, T448/R/K/H/D/E/W, T449F/H/A/G/I/L/P/QA/, T451W/Y/S, W455D/K/E/P/Q, N478Q/I/F/G, or W479S/I/F/D/E/H/M/N/R/T/Y of SEQ ID NO:59 wherein the polypeptide is member of the Major Facilitator Superfamily (MFS).
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2014195521
Priority date11/12/2013
Publication statusPublished - 11-Dec-2014

ID: 15747782