Passivity-based voltage control of DC microgrids: addressing the stability issue of ZIP loads

Cucuzzella, M., Kosaraju, K. C. & Scherpen, J. M. A., 2020, p. extended abstract.

Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstractAcademic

n this work we propose a new passivity-basedcontrol technique for DC power networks comprising theso-called ZIP-loads, i.e., nonlinear loads with the parallelcombination of unknown constant impedance (Z), current (I)and power (P) components. More precisely, we propose a novelpassifying input and a storage function based on the so-calledmixed potential function introduced by Brayton and Moser,leading to a novel passivity property with output port-variableequal to the first time derivative of the voltage. Differently fromthe existing results in the literature, where restrictive (sufficient)conditions on Z, P and the voltage reference are assumed to besatisfied, we establish a passivity property for every positivevoltage reference and every type of load. Consequently, wedevelop a new decentralized passivity-based control scheme thatis robust with respect to the uncertainty affecting the ZIP-loads.
Original languageEnglish
Pagesextended abstract
Publication statusPublished - 2020
Event2020 European Control Conference (ECC) - Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Duration: 12-May-202015-May-2020


Conference2020 European Control Conference (ECC)
CountryRussian Federation
CitySaint Petersburg


2020 European Control Conference (ECC)


Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Event: Conference

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