Paclitaxel prodrugs, method for preparation as well as their use in selective chemotherapy

de Bont, H. BA., Leenders, R. GG., Scheeren, J. W., Haisma, H. J. & de Vos, D., 2-Jun-1998, IPC No. C07H 13/ 12 A I, Patent No. US5760072, Priority date 29-Dec-1995, Priority No. EP19950203671

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  • Hendricus BA de Bont (Inventor)
  • Ruben GG Leenders (Inventor)
  • Johan W Scheeren (Inventor)
  • Hidde J Haisma (Inventor)
  • Dick de Vos (Inventor)

A paclitaxel prodrug has a paclitaxel portion coupled to a cleavable N-(aliphatic or aromatic)-O-glycosyl carbamate spacer group, and can be administered orally, topically or by injection to provide an anti-tumor effect, the prodrug being activated by a hydrolizing enzyme, an endogeneous enzyme or an exogeneous enzyme.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS5760072
IPCC07H 13/ 12 A I
Priority date29/12/1995
Publication statusPublished - 2-Jun-1998

ID: 40101713