Niet elk delierprotocol in ziekenhuizen is up-to-date

Kentin, Z. H. A., Dautzenberg, P. L. J., Boelens, H. M., de Rooij, S. E. J. A. & van Munster, B. C., Aug-2016, In : Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde. 160, D151.

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OBJECTIVE: To describe the extent to which the essential changes in the new Dutch delirium guideline for adults and the elderly, published in April 2014, have been incorporated in local hospital protocols, so as to estimate the consequences this could have for patients.

DESIGN: Quantitative study.

METHOD: Dutch hospital protocols were collected for two periods: before (September to December 2012) and after publication of the guideline (March to July 2015). Protocols were compared with respect to basic delirium care (screening, diagnostic approach, therapy and follow-up care) and organisation of care.

RESULTS: Of the 80 Dutch hospitals approached, we were able to include 57 (71%) protocols in this study. 16 hospitals (28%) had adapted their protocols to the new guideline. Screening for the risk of delirium using the questions from the Dutch safety management system (Veiligheidsmanagementsysteem) was described in 29 (51%) of the protocols. Use of the Delirium Observation Screening Scale was reported in 52 (91%) protocols. A policy of moderation regarding antipsychotic therapy was described in 12 of 53 (23%) protocols, but in 21/53 (40%) the haloperidol dosages were higher than advised by the guideline. Follow-up care is described in 40 (70%) of the protocols. Organisation of delirium care, for example restriction of consultation of an expert to complex cases, was advised in 33/57 (58%) protocols.

CONCLUSION: 15 months after publication, only just over a quarter of the protocols incorporated the guideline. In terms of the treatment of patients with delirium, this may have led to unnecessary treatment with antipsychotics. Furthermore, basic delirium care is apparently still not considered as the responsibility of every medical specialist in the hospital.

Original languageDutch
Article numberD151
JournalNederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde
Publication statusPublished - Aug-2016


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