Meijerink, H. J. C., Changoer, L., Blom, W., Visser, M. R., Frijlink, H. W. & Eissens, A. C., 17-Jan-2013, IPC No. A61P 25/ 14 A I, Patent No. WO2013009186, Priority date 14-Jul-2011, Priority No. EP20110173963

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The present invention relates to compositions and methods for the prophylaxis or treatment of deficiencies in essential amino acid absorption and metabolism and/or of a pathology or symptom associated there with. In particular the invention concerns the treatment and/or prevention of ADHD, ADD and autism spectrum disorders. The present inventors have developed a method for prophylaxis or treatment of such symptoms and/or pathologies associated with a deficiency in essential amino acid absorption and/or metabolism, which method, stated generally, relies on the administration of nicotinamide, typically in a long-acting formulation so as to overcome the deficiencies of existing formulations, which have proven unsuitable for effective treatment.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2013009186
IPCA61P 25/ 14 A I
Priority date14/07/2011
Publication statusPublished - 17-Jan-2013

ID: 81366893