New expression system from rhodococcus

van der Geize, R., Hessels, G., Dijkhuizen, L. & van der Meijden, P., 1-Jul-2004, Patent No. WO2004055189, 2-Dec-2003, Priority date 3-Dec-2002

Research output: Patent

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  • Robert van der Geize (Inventor)
  • Gerda Hessels (Inventor)
  • Lubbert Dijkhuizen (Inventor)
  • Peter van der Meijden (Inventor)
The present invention provides an isolated polynucleotide comprising the kstD promoter from Rhodococcus erythrypolis. The polynucleotide can very advantageously be used as a controllable transcription activator. Said controlling function can be provided by providing said isolated polynucleotide with a nucleotide sequence encoding a transcription regulator of said promoter. In the present invention, such a transcription regulator may be externally induced, such as by introduction of steroidal compounds. In an alternative embodiment of the present invention the isolated polynucleotide may comprise the kstR gene or a homologue or a functional part thereof as the transcription regulator of the kstD promoter.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2004055189
Priority date03/12/2002
Filing date02/12/2003
Publication statusPublished - 1-Jul-2004

ID: 144721203