Molecular adaptors

Bayley, J. H. P., Wu, H., Maglia, G. & Astier, Y., 9-Apr-2009, Patent No. WO2009044170, 6-Oct-2008, Priority date 5-Oct-2007

Research output: Patent

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  • John Hagan Pryce Bayley (Inventor)
  • Haichen Wu (Inventor)
  • Giovanni Maglia (Inventor)
  • Yann Astier (Inventor)
The invention relates to transmembrane protein pore for use in detecting a analyte in a sample. The pore comprises a molecular adaptor that facilitates an interaction between the pore and the analyte. The adaptor is covalently attached to the pore in an orientation that allows the analyte to be detected using the pore.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2009044170
Priority date05/10/2007
Filing date06/10/2008
Publication statusPublished - 9-Apr-2009

ID: 144704626