Modified prokaryotic glucose isomerase enzymes with altered pH activity profiles

Lambeir, A-M., Lasters, I., Mrabet, N., Quax, W., Van Der Laan, J. M. & Misset, O., 23-Aug-1994, IPC No. C12R 1/ 19 A N, Patent No. US5340738, Priority date 4-Jan-1990, Priority No. EP19900200030

Research output: PatentProfessional

  • Anne-Marie Lambeir (Inventor)
  • Ignace Lasters (Inventor)
  • Nadir Mrabet (Inventor)
  • Wim Quax (Inventor)
  • Jan M. Van Der Laan (Inventor)
  • Onno Misset (Inventor)

A method for selecting amino acid residues is disclosed which upon replacement will give rise to an enzyme with an altered pH optimum. The method is specific for metalloenzymes which are inactivated at low pH due to the dissociation of the metal ions. The method is based on altering the pKa of the metal coordinating ligands or altering the Kassfor the metal binding. New glucose isomerases with an altered pH optimum are provided according to this method. These altered properties enable starch degradation to be performed at lower pH values.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS5340738
IPCC12R 1/ 19 A N
Priority date04/01/1990
Publication statusPublished - 23-Aug-1994

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ID: 39935365