Methods of enhancing translocation of charged analytes through transmembrane protein pores

Maglia, G. & Bayley, J. H. P., 20-May-2010, Patent No. WO2010055307, 13-Nov-2009, Priority date 14-Nov-2008

Research output: Patent

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The patent refers to the field of 'peptides'. The invention relates to enhancing translocation of a charged analyte through a transmembrane protein pore. Translocation is enhanced by increasing the net opposing charge of the barrel or channel and/or entrance of the pore. The invention also relates to pores enhanced in accordance with the invention.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2010055307
Priority date14/11/2008
Filing date13/11/2009
Publication statusPublished - 20-May-2010

ID: 144704071