Food and/or feed compositions for preventing and treating inflammatory diseases

Schols, H. A., de Vos, P., van den Berg, M. A., Bruggeman, G., Bruininx, E., Sahasrabudhe, N. M., Scholte, J., Tian, L. & Scheurink, A. J., 19-Jan-2017, Patent No. WO2017009202

Research output: Patent

  • Henk Arie Schols (Inventor)
  • Paulus de Vos (Inventor)
  • Marco Alexander van den Berg (Inventor)
  • Geert Bruggeman (Inventor)
  • Erik Bruininx (Inventor)
  • Neha Mohan Sahasrabudhe (Inventor)
  • Jan Scholte (Inventor)
  • Lingmin Tian (Inventor)
  • Anton Johannes Scheurink (Inventor)
This invention relates generally to compositions and methods for combating inflammatory disease and particularly to the use of food and/or feed compositions for preventing, reducing and/or treating inflammatory disorders, diseases, or discomforts, wherein the compositions comprising at least one specific pectin.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2017009202
Publication statusPublished - 19-Jan-2017

ID: 61894087