Expressing the burden of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) in disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) in Slovenia

Smit, R. & Postma, M., 17-Mar-2015, Gesundheit in den Regionen: Zwischen Versorgungsanspruch und Kostenverteilung. Vol. Proceedings:7. p. 176 1 p.

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Question: The purpose of the present study is to estimate the burdens from the population- and individual perspectives for TBE in Slovenia, measured in DALYs, get an appraisal of its impact and evaluate the possibilities of cost-effectively reducing this burden. The burden of TBE has not yet been expressed in DALYs.
Problem: TBE is devastating viral infectious disease which may result in long-term/permanent neurological sequelae, or even death. TBE is becoming a high burden and public health concern in Slovenia. TBE vaccination with effective, safe and well-tolerated vaccines available is the most effective way of preventing TBE and reducing its burden. However, vaccination coverage is still relatively low in Slovenia to effectively control the disease.
Data: Data on mortality, incidence and sequelae of the disease are integrated into the composite measure of DALYs.
Methods: The burden of TBE in Slovenia is estimated by using the updated DALYs' methodology first introduced by Murray and co-workers in the Global Burden of Disease project.
Procedures: Calculations are based on the health outcomes of death due to TBE, the acute disease of the second stage and neurological sequelae of the disease. Adjustment to correct for underestimation is applied. The impact of variability in parameters using sensitivity analyses is assessed.
Results: From the population perspective DALYs amount to 3,450, while from the individual perspective they amount to 3.1 per case. The neurological sequelae have the largest impact on the overall DALYs measurement for TBE.
Discussion: The incidence of TBE cases alone could not reflect the overall burden of the disease and the overall assessment of public health impact. However, TBE burden expressed in DALYs does give a full insight into the burden of the disease. Rising awareness and increasing vaccination coverage for TBE is needed so that the burden can be cost-effectively reduced, resulting in health benefit for the whole population in Slovenia.
Conclusions: Expressed in DALYs, the burden of TBE is significant for the country of Slovenia.

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ConferenceGesundheit in den Regionen – zwischen Versorgungs­ anspruch und Kostenverteilung


Gesundheit in den Regionen – zwischen Versorgungs­ anspruch und Kostenverteilung


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