Essential Role for the d-Asb11 cul5 Box Domain for Proper Notch Signaling and Neural Cell Fate Decisions In Vivo

Sartori da Silva, M. A., Tee, J-M., Paridaen, J., Brouwers, A., Runtuwene, V., Zivkovic, D., Diks, S. H., Guardavaccaro, D. & Peppelenbosch, M. P., 19-Nov-2010, In : PLoS ONE. 5, 11, 8 p., 14023.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  • Maria A Sartori da Silva
  • Jin-Ming Tee
  • Judith Paridaen
  • Anke Brouwers
  • Vincent Runtuwene
  • Danica Zivkovic
  • Sander H Diks
  • Daniele Guardavaccaro
  • Maikel P Peppelenbosch

ECS (Elongin BC-Cul2/Cul5-SOCS-box protein) ubiquitin ligases recruit substrates to E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes through a SOCS-box protein substrate receptor, an Elongin BC adaptor and a cullin (Cul2 or Cul5) scaffold which interacts with the RING protein. In vitro studies have shown that the conserved amino acid sequence of the cullin box in SOCS-box proteins is required for complex formation and function. However, the in vivo importance of cullin boxes has not been addressed. To explore the biological functions of the cullin box domain of ankyrin repeat and SOCS-box containing protein 11 (d-Asb11), a key mediator of canonical Delta-Notch signaling, we isolated a zebrafish mutant lacking the Cul5 box (Asb11(Cul)). We found that homozygous zebrafish mutants for this allele were defective in Notch signaling as indicated by the impaired expression of Notch target genes. Importantly, asb11(Cul) fish were not capable to degrade the Notch ligand DeltaA during embryogenesis, a process essential for the initiation of Notch signaling during neurogenesis. Accordingly, proper cell fate specification within the neurogenic regions of the zebrafish embryo was impaired. In addition, Asb11(Cul) mRNA was defective in the ability to transactivate a her4::gfp reporter DNA when injected in embryos. Thus, our study reporting the generation and the characterization of a metazoan organism mutant in the conserved cullin binding domain of the SOCS-box demonstrates a hitherto unrecognized importance of the SOCS-box domain for the function of this class of cullin-RING ubiquitin ligases and establishes that the d-Asb11 cullin box is required for both canonical Notch signaling and proper neurogenesis.

Original languageEnglish
Article number14023
Number of pages8
JournalPLoS ONE
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 19-Nov-2010


  • Animals, Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Transcription Factors, Binding Sites, Cell Proliferation, Cullin Proteins, Embryo, Nonmammalian, Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental, Green Fluorescent Proteins, Immunoblotting, In Situ Hybridization, Intracellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins, Membrane Proteins, Microscopy, Confocal, Mutation, Neurons, Receptors, Notch, Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction, Signal Transduction, Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling Proteins, Zebrafish, Zebrafish Proteins, Journal Article, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't, SOCS-BOX, ANKYRIN REPEAT, UBIQUITIN LIGASES, CUL5-RBX2 MODULES, ZEBRAFISH EMBRYOS, PROTEIN-SYNTHESIS, EXPRESSION, GENE, NEUROGENIN1, PHOSPHORYLATION

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