Effect of consumption of dairy products with probiotic bacteria on biofilm formation on silicone rubber implant surfaces in an artificial throat

Van der Mei, HC., Van de Belt-Gritter, B., van Weissenbruch, R., Dijk, F., Albers, FWJ. & Busscher, HJ., Jun-1999, In : Food and Bioproducts Processing. 77, C2, p. 156-158 3 p.

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Indwelling voice prostheses are most often made of silicone rubber. However, the silicone rubber surface attracts large quantities of yeasts and bacteria and their colonization on the valve side of voice prostheses leads to frequent malfunctioning Indwelling voice prostheses are therefore usually replaced every 3-4 months. Laryngectomized patients have reported that consumption of dairy products containing active probiotic bacteria extend the lifetime of their prostheses. The influence of buttermilk, yoghurt or probiotic bacteria on oropharyngeal biofilm formation on silicone rubber voice prostheses was investigated in a modified Robbins device. The results show that perfusion of the device with the dairy products or probiotic bacteria three times a day for 9 days gives a reduction in biofilm formation: Lactococcus lactis and buttermilk had the greatest effect on the numbers of adhering yeasts, while lactobacilli exhibited no interference.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)156-158
Number of pages3
JournalFood and Bioproducts Processing
Issue numberC2
Publication statusPublished - Jun-1999


  • biofilm, dairy products, probiotics, voice prosthesis, VOICE PROSTHESES

ID: 3806272