Effect of Amorphization Methods on the Properties and Structures of Potato Starch-Monoglyceride Complex

Lan, X., Wu, Q., Yang, D., Lin, J., Xu, S., Wu, J., Wang, Z. & Wang, S., Jan-2020, In : Starch-Starke. 72, 1-2, 10 p., 1900138.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

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  • Effect of Amorphization Methods on the Properties and Structures of Potato Starch-Monoglyceride Complex

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  • Xiaohong Lan
  • Qiaoyu Wu
  • Danlu Yang
  • Jingjie Lin
  • Shannan Xu
  • Jinhong Wu
  • Zhengwu Wang
  • Shaoyun Wang

Recently, starch-based fat replacers (FRs) have emerged as unique ingredients, possessing few calories and high vascular scavenger function without adverse organoleptic changes. Here, a two-step modification method for the development of a starch-based FRs is reported. First, native potato starch is amorphized by grinding, alkali and ethanol treatment. Then, the amorphized starch is complexed with monoglyceride. The results show that alkaline amorphous potato starch (AAPS) has the best emulsifying activity; ethanol amorphous potato starch complex (EAPSC) has the highest content of resistant starch (RS) (21.49%), while grinding amorphous potato starch (GAPS) retains the granular structure of the original starch best. The amorphization reduces the amylose content of starch, leading to reduced swelling power and increased digestibility. Complexation, on the other hand, is more like attaching a layer of the hydrophobic membrane. Combined with DSC and XRD, amorphization reduces the value of enthalpy and crystallinity, while the complexation process does the opposite. Overall, EAPSC is the best candidate for novel FRs, due to its greater emulsion stability and enzyme resistance. The experimental results provide a theoretical basis for the application of a novel potato starch-monoglyceride complex in foods such as cakes and snack fillings.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1900138
Number of pages10
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - Jan-2020


  • amorphous, emulsify, fat replacers, monoglycerides, potato starch, GRANULES, GELATINIZATION, CRYSTALLINITY, HYDRATION, WATER, NMR

ID: 118024270