Diels-Alder-Crosslinked Polymers Derived from Jatropha Oil

Iqbal, M., Knigge, R. A., Heeres, H. J., Broekhuis, A. A. & Picchioni, F., Oct-2018, In : Polymers. 10, 10, 17 p., 1177.

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Methyl oleate, methyl linoleate, and jatropha oil were fully epoxidized using in situ-generated performic acid. The epoxidized compounds were further reacted with furfurylamine in a solvent-free reaction to obtain furan-functionalized fatty esters which, then, functioned as oligomers for a network preparation. Thermoreversible crosslinking was obtained through a (retro) Diels-Alder reaction with bismaleimide, resulting in the formation of a brittle network for furan-functionalized methyl linoleate and jatropha oil. The furan-functionalized fatty esters were mixed with alternating (1,4)-polyketone reacted with furfurylamine (PK-Furan) for testing the mechanical and self-healing properties with DMTA and DSC, respectively. Full self-healing properties were found, and faster thermoreversibility kinetics were observed, compared to PK-Furan.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1177
Number of pages17
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - Oct-2018


  • fatty acid methyl ester, jatropha oil, epoxidation, polyketone, thermoreversible, CURCAS L., METHYL-ESTERS, ALKYD RESIN, EPOXIDATION

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