Continuous chemical processes in centrifugal contact separators

Kwant, G. J. & Heeres, H., 19-Nov-2008, IPC No. C12P 13/ 00 A I, Patent No. CN101309748, Priority date 15-Sep-2005, Priority No. EP20050077102

Research output: Patent

The invention relates to the use of a centrifugal contact-separator for carrying out a non-radioactive reaction in a liquid-liquid emulsion formed from two immiscible liquids. The invention also relates to a process for carrying out a reaction in a centrifugal contact-separator, and to a process for carrying out a catalytic reaction in a centrifugal contact-separator. An example of a process for carrying out a reaction, comprising the following steps: i) continuously introducing a liquid phase A and a liquid phase B into at least one first centrifugal contact separator, where in liquid phases A and B are immiscible and wherein phase A and/or phase B comprise at least one reactant ii) mixing phase A and phase B thereby allowing an emulsion to be formed iii) applying a centrifugal force that allows phase separation of the emulsion, such that phases A' and B' are obtained; iv) optionally, recovering a reaction product from at least one of the phases A' and B'.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberCN101309748
IPCC12P 13/ 00 A I
Priority date15/09/2005
Publication statusPublished - 19-Nov-2008

ID: 29118882