Conceptualising the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Hattenberg, D. Y., Belousova, O. & Groen, A. J., Jun-2018.

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This paper outlines a conceptual framework of the entrepreneurial mindset (EMS) as an individual-level phenomenon, within a multilevel context, capturing the opportunity recognition process. The model depicts the specific elements of EMS that are triggered by organisational and employee-level elements. Our knowledge of EMS continues to expand, yet, our knowledge remains fragmented and to be merited, because of its current incomprehensive conceptualization and due to the lack of understanding of its role in the entrepreneurial opportunity recognition process. This paper conceptualizes EMS within a comprehensive conceptual framework, depicting the specific elements and delineating the antecedents. Our conceptualization is built on reviewing and synthesizing the
entrepreneurship literature, focusing on EMS. We specifically focus on the distinctness of EMS and its elements. By comparing similar concepts, we create a nomological network to verify its distinctness. By systematically synthesizing literature, essential elements regarding the ability and willingness as part of
an opportunity recognition process emerge, embodying EMS. Furthermore, we develop an integrative framework, proposing a future research agenda.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jun-2018
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Copenhagen, Denmark

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