Biological nanopores for biopolymer sensing and sequencing based on frac actinoporin

Maglia, G., Wloka, C., Mutter, N. L., Soskine, M. & Huang, G., 18-Jan-2018, Patent No. WO2018012963, Priority date 12-Jul-2016

Research output: Patent

The invention relates generally to the field of nanopores and the use thereof in various applications, such as analysis of biopolymer s and macromolecules, typically by making electrical measurements during translocation through a nanopores. Provided is a system comprising a funnel- shaped proteinaceous nanopore comprising an a-helical pore-forming toxin that is a member from the actinoporin protein family, more in particular Fragaceatoxin C (FraC), a mutant FraC, a FraC paralog, or a FraC homolog.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2018012963
Priority date12/07/2016
Publication statusPublished - 18-Jan-2018

ID: 53670377