Attaching substances to micro-organisms

Buist, G., Leenhouts, C. J., Venema, G. & Kok, J., 27-May-1999, IPC No. A61K 39/ 00 A N, Patent No. WO9925836, Priority date 13-Nov-1997, Priority No. EP19970203539

Research output: PatentProfessional

  • Girbe Buist (Inventor)
  • Cornelis Johannes Leenhouts (Inventor)
  • Gerard Venema (Inventor)
  • Jan Kok (Inventor)

The invention relates to surface display of proteins on micro-organisms via the targeting and anchoring of heterologous proteins to the outer surface of cells such as yeast, fungi, mammalian and plant cells, and bacteria. The invention provides a proteinaceous substance comprising a reactive group and at least one attaching peptide which comprises a stretch of amino acids having a sequence corresponding to at least a part of the consensus amino acid sequence listed in figure 10 and comprises a method for attaching a proteinaceous substance to the cell wall of a micro-organism comprising the use of said attaching peptide.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO9925836
IPCA61K 39/ 00 A N
Priority date13/11/1997
Publication statusPublished - 27-May-1999

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ID: 27605805