'A Haven of Love? Artur Lundkvist and Stina Aronson in Paris, 1930'

Broomans, P. 21-Mar-2016 Nooit het Noorden kwijt: Liber amicorum ter ere van Godelieve Laureys. Van den Bossche, S. & Wijers, M. (eds.). Ghent: Universiteit van Gent, p. 23 - 30 8 p. 2

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The Swedish writers Artur Lundkvist (1906-1991) and Stina Aronson (1892-1956) spent one week together in Paris in June 1930. This article discusses the way Paris is described in Aronson's novel The Fever Book. In the novel, a modernistic play on words and identities, the protagonist Mimmi Palm tells the story of her relationship with Hugo and her stay in Paris.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationNooit het Noorden kwijt
Subtitle of host publicationLiber amicorum ter ere van Godelieve Laureys
EditorsSara Van den Bossche, Martje Wijers
Place of PublicationGhent
PublisherUniversiteit van Gent
Pages23 - 30
Number of pages8
ISBN (Print)9789073626218
StatePublished - 21-Mar-2016


  • Stina Aronson, Artur Lundkvist, Feberboken, Swedish literary history, metafiction, city and nature, Paris as cultural meeting point

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