De verdwenen Eems/Die verschwundene Ems

Arnoldussen, S., Peeters, H. & Groenendijk, H.


Project: Research


An early holocene river, branching off the Ems at Oberlangen (Lkr. Emsland), used to bend northwestward and cross the German-Dutch border, to flow together with the rivulet Ruiten Aa near Sellingen (Westerwolde, Gr.). This substantial fossile river was the subject of a pilot study to find out if peat layers might have survived decades of farming here. A coring programme in both NL and Germany proved the presence of peat pockets, dating the river's blockade between 700 BC and 1000 AD. The perspective is a river genesis and landscape reconstruction through pollen analysis as well as an echo of human activities at its borders, foreshadowing Westerwolde's complete insulation by peat growth.
Short titleEemsmeander
Effective start/end date01/11/201731/12/2018

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