Top 10 Best Article Journal Child Abuse and Neglect - 2017

Prize: National/international honourAcademic

Rami Benbenishty (Recipient), Bilha Davidson-Arad (Recipient), Mónica López (Recipient), John Devaney (Recipient), Trevor Spratt (Recipient), Carien Koopmans (Recipient), Erik J. Knorth (Recipient), Cilia L.M. Witteman (Recipient), Jorge F. del Valle (Recipient) & David Hayes (Recipient)

The 2015 article 'Decision making in child protection: An international comparative study on maltreatment substantiation, risk assessment and interventions recommendations, and the role of professionals' child welfare attitudes' is selected by the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Child Abuse and Neglect, as one of the ten articles which display the strength and depth of contributions to the journal.
Awarded date27-Mar-2017
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsChild Abuse and Neglect Journal

ID: 43732710