1. Selected for the J.W.R. Nortier lecture

    Rudolf Fehrmann (Recipient), 11-Apr-2013

    Prize: National/international honour

  2. Selection for participation in the meeting

    Anastasia Borschevsky (Recipient), 2009

    Prize: Other distinction

  3. Senior Associate for the Centre for Philosophy of Time

    Anne Thomas (Recipient), 2015

    Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively

  4. Senior Fellow

    Andrej Zwitter (Recipient), 1-Dec-2016

    Prize: Honorary degree

  5. Senior Researcher

    Andrej Zwitter (Recipient), Sep-2014

    Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively

  6. SHARE PhD Top Publication Award

    Ahmed Shahabeddin Parizi (Recipient), Paul Krabbe (Recipient) & Karin Vermeulen (Recipient), 10-Nov-2017


  7. Shortlisted for the Research Book of the Year Saltire Award

    Corey Gibson (Recipient), Nov-2015

    Prize: National/international honour

  8. Silver Medal Prize in Insolvency 2014

    Jochem Hummelen (Recipient), 2014


  9. Sinnige Aanmoedigingsprijs

    Kirsten Bosch ,van den (Recipient), Dec-2012


  10. Sjogren's Award for 2016

    Konstantina Delli (Recipient), 1-Oct-2016


  11. Snijders-Kouwer Award

    Ruud Hartigh, den (Recipient), 7-Apr-2016


  12. Specially Appointed Professor

    Christopher Lamont (Recipient), 5-Jan-2015

    Prize: Appointment

  13. Spinoza Award 2004

    Bernard Feringa (Recipient), 2004


  14. Spinozaprijs 2016

    Lodi Nauta (Recipient), 10-Jun-2016


  15. Sponsorship of publications on Dutch-Hungarian relations

    Kees Teszelszky (Recipient), 2013

    Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively

  16. Stichting Philologisch Studiefonds Utrecht Stipendium 2014

    Tamara Dijkstra (Recipient), 2014

    Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively

  17. Student Award

    Kaimook Siriboonpipattana (Recipient), 7-Nov-2017


  18. Subsidy E-learning

    Gemma Kulk (Recipient), Dec-2014

    Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively

  19. Subsidy Energy education in Tanzania

    Gemma Kulk (Recipient), Nov-2013

    Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively