NWO VICI grant

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively

Marco Fraaije (Recipient)

Vici grant for Fraaije On May 12th, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research awarded a Vici grant to Prof. Marco Fraaije of the Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute (GBB) after an administrative reconsideration. The EUR 1.5 million grant has been awarded for the project ‘Vitamins for proteins: equipping enzymes with new cofactors’ which only just missed the selection in 2012. Most enzymes contain a so-called co-factor, an essential auxiliary matter, for their functioning. It has been discovered that many bacteria use an unusual cofactor. The researchers will study the enzymes dependent on these cofactor, in view of new industrial applications and development of new antibiotics.
Awarded date1-May-2016
Granting OrganisationsNWO VICI

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