1. Data from: Development of a Nasonia vitripennis outbred laboratory population for genetic analysis

    Jacobus Mgn Van De Zande, L. (Creator), Ferber, S. (Creator), de Haan, A. (Creator), Beukeboom, L. (Creator), van Heerwaarden, J. (Creator) & Pannebakker, B. (Creator), University of Groningen, 12-Nov-2013


  2. Data from: Diploid males support a two-step mechanism of endosymbiont-induced thelytoky in a parasitoid wasp

    Ma, W. (Creator), Pannebakker, B. (Creator), Jacobus Mgn Van De Zande, L. (Creator), Schwander, T. (Creator), Wertheim, B. (Creator) & Beukeboom, L. (Creator), University of Groningen, 13-May-2015


  3. Data from: Genetics of decayed sexual traits in a parasitoid wasp with endosymbiont-induced asexuality

    Ma, W. (Creator), Pannebakker, B. (Creator), Beukeboom, L. (Creator), Schwander, T. (Creator) & Jacobus Mgn Van De Zande, L. (Creator), University of Groningen, 28-Mar-2014


ID: 25498846