Theory and History of Psychology

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  1. Certificate of Academic Excellence

    Jeremy Burman (Recipient), Oct-2017

    Prize: National/international honourAcademic

  2. Dissertation Prize

    Jeremy Burman (Recipient), 9-Jun-2017


  3. Early Career Award, American Psychological Association

    Jeremy Burman (Recipient), Oct-2019

    Prize: National/international honourAcademic

  4. Elected to full member status in APA

    Jeremy Burman (Recipient), 2017

    Prize: Other distinctionAcademic

  5. Grant: "MInd Control in french-speaking Europe (MICE): The Scientific and Cultural Reception of Behaviour Therapy in France, Switzerland and Belgium (1960-1990)"

    Rémy Amouroux (Recipient), Wolf Feuerhahn (Recipient), Sonu Shamdasani (Recipient), Alexandra Rutherford (Recipient), Vincent Barras (Recipient) & Jeremy Burman (Recipient), 28-Mar-2018


  6. Snijders-Kouwer Award 2014

    Jonna Brenninkmeijer (Recipient), 14-Apr-2014


  7. 2018 Cheiron Book Prize

    Maarten Derksen (Recipient), 23-Jun-2018


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