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  1. 2019
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  4. Zondervan-Zwijnenburg, M. A. J., Veldkamp, S. A. M., Neumann, A., Barzeva, S. A., Nelemans, S. A., van Beijsterveldt, C. E. M., ... Boomsma, D. I. (2019). Parental Age and Offspring Childhood Mental Health: A Multi-Cohort, Population-Based Investigation. Child Development.
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  6. Oudenhoven, L. M., van Vulpen, L. F., Dallmeijer, A. J., de Groot, S., Buizer, A. I., & van der Krogt, M. M. (2019). Effects of functional power training on gait kinematics in children with cerebral palsy. Gait & Posture, 73, 168-172.
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