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  1. 2020
  2. Moretti, A., Paladino, R., Poggianti, B. M., Serra, P., Ramatsoku, M., Franchetto, A., ... Fritz, J. (2020). The high molecular gas content, and the efficient conversion of neutral into molecular gas, in jellyfish galaxies. Astrophysical Journal Letters.
  3. Ramatsoku, M., Serra, P., Poggianti, B., Moretti, A., Gullieuzik, M., Bettoni, D., ... Thorat, K. (2020). GASP XXVI. HI Gas in Jellyfish Galaxies: The case of JO201 and JO206. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  4. Brakema, E., Kasteleyn, M., Molendijk, E., Tabyshova, A., van der Kleij, R., van Boven, J. F. M., ... Williams, S. (2020). ‘Frisse’ berglucht toch niet altijd gezond? Huisarts en Wetenschap, 63, 1-7.
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