Research Institute for Neurosciences and Healthy Ageing (BCN-BRAIN)

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Contact information

Ant. Deusinglaan 1,
Building 3217 ('de Brug'), Room 7.21
9713 AV
  • Phone: +31 50 363 4734

Organisational unit profile

Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences

The Research Institute BCN-BRAIN (‘Research Institute for Neurosciences and Healthy Ageing’) was established in 2005. Itsmission is to promote research that is aimed at understanding the function of the healthy brain and dysfunction of the nervous system with reference to neurological and psychiatric disorders. Its research also emphasizes translational collaboration between lab-based and hospital-based researchers integrating different levels of neuroscience research.

In addition to its scientific aims, BCN-BRAIN’s mission also entails education and (research) training. The institute, therefore, participates in the Research School of Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN) and the Graduate School of Medical Sciences (GSMS). BCN-BRAIN educates and trains (research) master and PhD students to become independent neuroscience researchers.

Additional information

- Research Institute BCN-BRAIN (website University of Groningen)
- Research School of Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN - website University of Groningen)

  1. Trait self-reflectiveness relates to time-varying dynamics of resting state functional connectivity and underlying structural connectomes: Role of the default mode network

    Larabi, D. I., Renken, R. J., Cabral, J., Marsman, J-B. C., Aleman, A. & Ćurčić-Blake, B., 2020, In : Neuroimage. p. 116896

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  2. Fetal Brain-Sparing, Postnatal Cerebral Oxygenation, and Neurodevelopment at 4 Years of Age Following Fetal Growth Restriction

    Richter, A. E., Salavati, S., Kooi, E. M. W., den Heijer, A. E., Foreman, A. B., Schoots, M. H., Bilardo, C. M., Scherjon, S. A., Tanis, J. C. & Bos, A. F., 6-May-2020, In : Frontiers in Pediatrics. 8, 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  3. ENIGMA MDD: seven years of global neuroimaging studies of major depression through worldwide data sharing

    ‘for the ENIGMA-MDD Consortium’, Schmaal, L., Pozzi, E., C Ho, T., van Velzen, L. S., Veer, I. M., Opel, N., Van Someren, E. J. W., Han, L. K. M., Aftanas, L., Aleman, A., Baune, B. T., Berger, K., Blanken, T. F., Capitão, L., Couvy-Duchesne, B., R Cullen, K., Dannlowski, U., Davey, C., Erwin-Grabner, T., Evans, J., Frodl, T., Fu, C. H. Y., Godlewska, B., Gotlib, I. H., Goya-Maldonado, R., Grabe, H. J., Groenewold, N. A., Grotegerd, D., Gruber, O., Gutman, B. A., Hall, G. B., Harrison, B. J., Hatton, S. N., Hermesdorf, M., Hickie, I. B., Hilland, E., Irungu, B., Jonassen, R., Kelly, S., Kircher, T., Klimes-Dougan, B., Krug, A., Landrø, N. I., Lagopoulos, J., Leerssen, J., Li, M., Linden, D. E. J., MacMaster, F. P., McIntosh, A. M., Mehler, D. M. A., Nenadic, I., Penninx, B. W. J. H., Portella, M. J., Reneman, L., Renteria, M. E., Sacchet, M. D., Sämann, P. G., Schrantee, A. G. M., Sim, K., Soares, J. C., Stein, D. J., Tozzi, L., van der Wee, N. J. A., van Tol, M-J., Vermeiren, R., Vives-Gilabert, Y., Walter, H., Walter, M., Whalley, H. C., Wittfeld, K., Whittle, S., Wright, M. J., Yang, T. T., Zarate JR, C., Thomopoulos, S. I., Jahanshad, N., Thompson, P. M. & Veltman, D. J., 2020, In : Translational Psychiatry. 10, 1, 19 p., 172.

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview articleAcademicpeer-review

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  1. Smell and puberty in CHARGE syndrome

    Jorieke Kammen-Bergman, van (Speaker), Conny Ravenswaaij-Arts, van (Speaker)

    Activity: Talk or presentationProfessional

  2. Genetic testing in CHARGE syndrome

    Conny Ravenswaaij-Arts, van (Speaker), Jorieke Kammen-Bergman, van (Speaker)

    Activity: Talk or presentationProfessional

  3. Neuroscienze, scienze psicologiche e psichiatriche. Dottorato di Ricerca XXIX Ciclo

    Marina Koning-Tijssen, de (Examiner)

    Activity: ExaminationSupervision of PhD studentsAcademic

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Press / Media
  1. Comment on Pavlova and Uher (2020)

    Harriette Riese, Marij Zuidersma & Fionneke Bos


    1 Media contribution

    Press/Media: Expert CommentProfessional

  2. H2020 projects booklet

    Catharina Hartman


    1 Media contribution

    Press/Media: ResearchPopular

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  1. UMCG Mandema Stipendium 2018

    Joukje Naalt, van der (Recipient), 2018


  2. Membership of the Young Academy Groningen

    Hanna Loo, van (Recipient), 2020

    Prize: Fellowship awarded competitivelyAcademic

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