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  1. 2020
  2. Quik, C., Candel, J., Makaske, B., Van Beek, R., Paulissen, M., Maas, G. J., Verplak, M., Spek, T., & Wallinga, J. (2020). Anthropogenic drivers for exceptionally large meander formation during the Late Holocene. Anthropocene, 32, [100263].
  3. Menninghaus, W., Schindler, I., Wagner, V., Wassiliwizky, E., Hanich, J., Jacobsen, T., & Koelsch, S. (2020). Aesthetic emotions are a key factor in aesthetic evaluation: Reply to Skov and Nadal. Psychological Review, 127(4), 650–654.
  4. Spek, T., Paulissen, M., Van Beek, R., & Huijbens, E. (2020). Dire necessity or mere opportunity? Recurring commercialization of peat exploited from raised bog commons in the Low Countries.. Manuscript submitted for publication
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