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  1. 2020
  2. Brouwer, J., Berg, van den, F., Loerts, H., Knooihuizen, R., & Keijzer, M. (2020). Foreign Language Learning as an Innovative Healthy Aging Tool. Abstract from Aletta's Talent Network Junior Research Meet-Up, Groningen, Netherlands.
  3. 2019
  4. Ozek, F., Salam, & Gooskens, C. (2019). The mutual intelligibility of a Kurdish and a Zazaki dialect spoken in the province of Elazığ, Turkey. Paper presented at Experimental Approaches to Production and Perception of Language Variation, Munster, Germany.
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  10. Kirchmeier, C. (2019). Thinking the Unfamiliar: On Weird Ontologies and Eerie Agencies. Paper presented at Stranger Things: Rethinking Defamiliarization in Literature and Visual Culture, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  11. 2018
  12. Kolsteeg, J. (2018). De zin en onzin van Cultuurregio's. Congres Podia en Festivals, Utrecht, Netherlands.
  13. Nagelsmit, E. (2018). Patience Materialized: Commemorating the Reestablishment of Peace in the Wake of the Thirty Years War. Paper presented at MEMORIA: , Einsiedeln, Switzerland (June 2018), Einsiedeln, Switzerland.
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  18. Nagelsmit, E. (2018). The Portrait as Parable: Pierre Mignard and the secret marriage of Madame de Maintenon. Paper presented at Quid est secretum?: On the Visual Representation of Mystery and Secrecy in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1700, , (March 2018) , Atlanta, United States.
  19. 2017
  20. van den Hoogen, Q. (2017). De beoordeling van kwaliteit ... en is dat dan in context?. Kwaliteit in Context, Leeuwarden, Netherlands.
  21. van den Hoogen, Q. (2017). Values behind Arts Funding in the Netherlands. Paper presented at Social Theory & Practice in the Arts, Minneapolis, United States.
  22. Kolsteeg, J. (2017). Arts Marketing as Signification: A Western Strategy?. Paper presented at AIMAC 12th International Conference on Arts and Culture Management, Beijing, China.
  23. Wah, A. (2017). Cognitive processes underlying the artistic experience. Poster session presented at Winter Workshop on Social Learning and Cultural Evolution, Manchester, United Kingdom.
  24. Lippert, F. (2017). Constitutive Gaps and the Thinking of the Outside. Towards a Discourse-critical Model of Aesthetic Negativity.. Paper presented at Theory Now. New Approaches in Literary, Cultural and Sociological Studies, Temuco, Chile.
  25. Tonelli, C. (2017). Soundsinging and Social (In)Justice. Paper presented at Persona Voce Identità (Person, Voice, Identity), Padua, Italy.
  26. Hukker, V., de Raad, E., Scholten, L., Smidt, E., van der Ploeg, A., van Dijk, F., & Hendriks, P. (2017). The recognition of irony and white lies in children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder. Poster session presented at Acquiring Figurative Meanings, Oslo, Norway.
  27. Kolsteeg, J. (2017). Transnational Cultural Leadership as a Situated Practice: Dilemmas and Methods. Paper presented at 25th Encatc Congress on Cultural Management and Policy, Brussels, Belgium.
  28. Kolsteeg, J. (2017). Understanding Global / Local Cultural Leadership: Issues and Methods. Paper presented at 25th Encatc Congress on Cultural Management and Policy, Brussels, Belgium.
  29. Lippert, F. (2017). Watching the watchmen: Border surveillance, CCTV and other visual practices as self-referential tools in critical filmmaking. Paper presented at International Laboratory Research Seminar Politics of (in)visibility, CRIC research project, Groningen, Netherlands.
  30. 2016
  31. Lippert, F. (2016). Europa, du falsche Kreatur! Denkfiguren der literarischen und künstlerischen Europakritik. Paper presented at Annual Convention VGNU (Vereniging van Germanisten aan de Nederlandse Universiteiten), Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  32. Lippert, F. (2016). Keynote Lecture: Eine Einstellung zur Zeit, Realtime Simultaneity in Sebastian Schipper’s Victoria. Paper presented at German Screen Studies Network Symposium, London, United Kingdom.
  33. Meijles, E., & Spek, T. (2016). Organised session - Rewilding landscapes for the future - learning from the past. PECSRL conference. Innsbruck, Austria, 5-9 sept 2016., Innsbruck, .
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  36. 2015
  37. Garcia, L-M., & Buda, D. (2015). “Moving (in) Feeling”: Affective Theories in Sound and Tourism. Paper presented at Affect Theory Conference, Lancaster, PA, United States.
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